Bob Dorf

Bob Dorf


One of the world’s foremost lean startup and corporate innovation experts, Bob Dorf co-authored the Startup Owner’s Manual with Steve Blank, a bestseller in a dozen languages that details the lean process guiding hundreds of thousands of startups and intrapreneurs plus at least 350 university classrooms worldwide. Teacher, lecturer on the powerful Customer Development methodology.

Columbia University School of Business counselor to entrepreneurial students and alumni on disruptive innovation and business models at startups and intrapreneurial big companies.

Dorf has worked with more than a score of the “Fortune 500,” participated in 7 IPO’s, and addressed audiences throughout the world, from Cleveland to China, from Kiev to Kansas City, and loves helping startups “avoid the many startup mistakes I’ve personally made over four decades.”


November 29, 2016
PARTNER MOMENTUM: Lean Rats Run Mazes Faster
Main Stage
11:00 PM  -  11:15 AM