Christopher Parks (affectionately known as “CP”) has worked for and started several prominent companies since graduating from Middle Tennessee State University in 1991. His preferred moniker is that of a dad, husband, having a mildly dry sense of humor, and founder/board member of several Nashville-based companies.

While in college earning a degree in Exercise Physiology, he started an import/export based in Bali, Indonesia with his best friend (yes, they are still best friends), then worked in executive and senior roles in disease management, informatics, healthcare operations management, Durable Medical Equipment services, and supply chain technology consulting.

After both of his parents passed away, he founded Change Healthcare Corporation in 2007 based on a promise to his mother to “do something” to help people navigate and understand their healthcare. It was a naïve promise at the time, but one that motivated and continues to sustain him during the start, evolution, and continued growth of Change Healthcare as it has become one of the most prominent healthcare technology companies in Nashville and the southeast.