Robert Herzog

Robert Herzog

Founder and CEO

Robert M. Herzog is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of eCaring, LLC, a Web-based home health care management and monitoring system that brings the benefits of digital record keeping and communications to the millions of Americans receiving home health care.

 A pioneer in applying emerging technologies to unique business problems, Robert has an extensive background in digital media and creative enterprises as both an entrepreneur and executive. His experience includes work with startup companies such as Motionbox, Diva, ON2 Corp, Softcom, Granite Films and City Winery, major corporations including JPMorgan Chase, Cahners Communications and the Sarnoff Research Center, and not-for-profits including New Jersey Appleseed and Ecotrust.

 While working for the mayor of NYC, Mr. Herzog was the creator and Director of New York City’s Energy Office. He has also taught public school and is an author and filmmaker. Robert graduated from Williams College, and his primary professional interests include using technology to enhance human interactions by improving information sharing to help people live longer and happier in their homes while reducing overall health care costs.

Robert’s interest and involvement in home-based healthcare emerged several years ago when he was deeply involved in the home and extended care of his mother Grace. The issues both she and he encountered in the search to ensure proper treatment gave him the initial understanding of the problems eCaring was subsequently designed to solve.


November 28, 2016
Pitch and Scale: Driving Rapid Growth
Main Stage
11:20 AM  -  12:15 PM