November 28, 2016

Pitch and Scale: Driving Rapid Growth 11:20 AM  -  12:15 PM Pitch and Scale: Driving Rapid Growth Main Stage

Pitch and Scale: Driving Rapid Growth

Making the transition from a Startup to a Rapid Growth or “RampUp” company is not as easy as it looks.  Five great entrepreneurs who are making that transition presently will discuss their experiences and what is making the difference for them in this period.

How did they get there? Well, the usual, hard works, good product market fit, and a little help from you, our crowd and community:

Twiage won the 2016 AMA Crowd Challenge this past June and closed 11 Hospital contracts and their Series A since

Care+Wear won a 2015 MedMo15 Pitch contest, has grown enormously since and is closing a round of funding in the coming days

eCaring has presented several times at our events and won a pitch contest we jointly ran with Startupalooza in 2013 and is doing a B round presently.

Epion Health has been a community member since 2012 and even had a table at the first MedStartr launch event on May 24, 2012 and is doing a B round presently as well.

Pharm3r is new to the community but has grown its healthcare analytics business exponentially since 2011 and has been helping develop the MedStartr Ventures model.

Thanks to all that, and to some extent you, our innovation community, these companies are doing great.  Join us to hear more about what they have done and where they are going next as the Pitch and Scale.  Moderated by Travis Khan of the New Jersey Innovation Institute, who also has helped incubate several of these companies, this promises to be an excellent panel.

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