November 29, 2016

Healthcare in the TRUMP Era 11:30 AM  -  12:15 PM Healthcare in the TRUMP Era Main Stage

Healthcare in the TRUMP Era

So now that the election is over we all have to face the reality that our new president has staked his political reputation on “repealing and replacing Obamacare”?  That, of course, presents many problems which he is beginning to realize since he seems to be changing his verb to “amend.”   In any case, change is coming so let’s try to get ahead of it.  Our friend Jane Sarasohn-Khan wrote one of the first pieces on this and Author and digital Futurist Fard Johnmar will moderate an all star panel on the topic including people close to the new administration and those who helped author the ACA.  Will the coverage for kids up to 26 go away?  Will we no longer be required to get insurance?  Will we all get TRUMPcards for our TRUMPcare?  Our panel of experts will drill down into the likely scenarios and help us figure out what comes next.

Session Category :  Business  Government  Healthcare  hospitals  Pharma  Physicians